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Consumers, in their research for the ideal company, often refer to recommendations published by other users on the Internet and on various industry portals, but also on sites that collect data on companies. The image that is presented online is so important and it should be authentic and consistent with the company's activities, but it must also be eye-catching, especially if there is a lot of competition in a particular field. In such a case, it is worth including appropriate marketing tools in the activities of the company.

There are many techniques and ways to promote a brand, especially on the Internet, which offers almost unlimited possibilities. One of the most popular options for small and large companies is business cards, which perform a similar function to the physical business cards that have been around for many years, but the way they are distributed is slightly different. Instead of being printed, online business cards are published on dedicated websites that collect data about companies, sort them according to relevant criteria and publish them in an accessible form on a Web.

A business card published on a website allows firm to reach a large number of users, including those who do not previously knew the company, thus extending the target group to which the message is addressed, generating better sales results, but also brand recognition. It is important to present yourself in an interesting way that will attract the attention of the customers, redirect them to the site or allow them to contact the company directly to discuss the further stage of cooperation or to purchase a specific product.

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