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Specialreplicas.com internet shop is the perfect place to buy a gift that not only will impress literally at all but also a place where you can buy a replica made of high quality materials. There you will find a replica sword, among other things that come from different eras. You can find there acient famous roman sword. These are both Japanese swords as well as European and American. A feature of a well-made sword is the right balance. The center of gravity should be in the height of the handle.


Gladius was just a Latin word for a sword, but now it is associated with a particular type of a weapon from ancient Rome. Its design was based on the Hispanic blade, obtained by the Romans during the Punic Wars. It is most commonly recognized for its firm and convenient hilt combined with a leaf-shape blade. This weapon was used mostly by infantry and gladiators, while for cavalry, a longer version evolved with time, which was called spatha. If you would like to have a replica of the worldwide famous gladius, remember that there is this Roman sword for sale on SpecialReplicas.com.

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