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Anwaltskanzlei SALVUS - Karola Libelta 1a/2 | 61-706 PoznaƄ | phone no.: +48 576 012 977

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SALVUS, a legal office from Poland, is a dependable team of lawyers, specialising in various branches of the law. Their services can be provided in German, Polish and English, depending on the client's preferences. The multilingualism of the company helps greatly in communication with various companies and other law firms, as well as with the foreigners seeking professional aid. The clients appreciate the reasonable fee amount - which is always individually calculated to reflect the complexity of the services.

Legal office - Poland

The legal office from Poland has gained a reputation of being dedicated to their clients and always striving to represent their interests best. Each member of this team has a long experience and broad knowledge, therefore is able to provide the visitors with complex services. The companies often use their help in dealing with GbmH and various linked legal proceedings, while individual clients appreciate the assistance regarding inheritance, family, transport and labour law, as well as the aid in execution procedures.

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