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Bio ethanol fire is an invention that changed home heating and fireplaces installed outside and inside forever. Instead of using wood for achieving the warmth and lovely look, the bio fireplaces use the highly flammable ethanol. Such a solution is much easier to introduce into an already existing apartment or a house, as well as into one being currently developed, because it does not need to be connected to a chimney. The fuel burns without the emission of toxic and harmful for health and well-being substances – the only after-product being steam.

Ethanol fire

Lovter is a website that equips its audience with the latest news concerning bio ethanol fire. The articles posted there frequently, touch upon a variety of subjects – from the design, care and cleaning, or best supplements. It is definitely one of the most reliable sources of interesting information and inspiration for every home owner and interior design lover. Besides providing the readers with a variety of options for introducing bio ethanol fire into their houses, the website is partnered with a shop equipped with some of the best products on the market.

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