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Natural sheepskin is a material used for manufacturing shoes, furniture and clothes since hundreds of years ago. Its very characteristic qualities, i.e. durability and warmth-keeping have been appreciated by ancient migratory tribes. Today it is mainly used for making slippers and interior accessories. Madam Mazu is one of the most popular French companies dealing with the distribution of such products. The customers can find all the information and order the items over the manufacturer’s website.

Completely natural sheepskin

One of the biggest advantages of such products is their durability. Natural sheepskin, as long as its properly cared for and cleaned, is known for its longevity. No matter if it has been used for the creation of house shoes, soft rugs or comfortable pillows, the material is going to last many years. The extraordinary appearance of these items helps in creating unique and cosy interiors. The company uses both natural sheepskin and the dyed material. This allows the products to be available in a couple of different colours.

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