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Mister Echappement - 5 Rue de la Bonne Dame | 88600 Fremifontaine | phone no.: +33 0668100811

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Mister Echappement provides its clients with various components for exhaust systems dedicated for vehicles of many brands. They come from dependable and respectable manufacturers, which is why they present the highest quality. The company always tries to deliver the order as soon as possible to help the customer. A flaw, which prevents the owner from safely driving a car, is no laughing matter and has to be removed as soon as possible. People not sure what element they need to get, can count on the company's customer service team.

FAP Audi Q5

Particulate filters, also known as DPF or FAP Auto, are some of the most popular products available in Mister Echappement's offer. These parts are able to reduce the number of dangerous for human health and the environment substances from the exhaust gases. The process of destroying this particles is possible thanks to a densely packed web of tubules, standing on the way of the soot. After accumulating the particles in the filter, it has to raise its temperature significantly to burn them. The shop offers for example FAP Audi Q5, FAP BMW E91 and many other components.

Offer: FAP Auto

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