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Catalyseur24 is a an online shop which sells a variety of car exhaust parts. Their most popular products include catalytic converters and particulate filters for Volkswagen, BMW, Skoda and many other popular European brands. The company works with dependable suppliers, whose products have been long known for being solid and failure-free.To make sure every client will be able to find the part they are looking for, the available assortment includes both elements from the newest and much older vehicles.

Diesel particulate filter - Volkswagen

Diesel particulate filter is a device used to eliminate toxic particles and soot from the exhaust gasses. At first, the very characteristic part had to be installed in huge vehicles, which were used for transportation, since then, each car with a Diesel engine has to have one installed. Moreover, the new European Union regulations state that gasoline cars should also have one. The company has diesel particulate filters for Volkswagen vehicles, therefore each owner of a car of that brand will find the part they need.

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